Why Homeschool? Here are 10 Good Reasons - True Aim (2023)

When it comes to homeschooling I used to lie all the time. I didn’t want to hurt anybodies’ feelings. People would ask me why I homeschool, and what was I supposed to tell them?

“Well gee, I don’t know. I guess we homeschool because we don’t want our kids raised in a Godless, bully-infested, government hellhole, whose academic mission statement is “Common! Common to the Core!” … or something like that.

So instead, I’d just shrug and claim that homeschooling is what worked for us,for our family. That’s right, nothing more than a preference; you like chocolate, we like vanilla.

But that isn’t how I really feel. With all my heart I believe homeschooling is for every parent, every child, every family.

Is homeschooling a better way? Yeah, it is.There I said it.

But I’m not saying that we are better, or we love our kids more. I, (like I’m hoping you will be), am a homeschool convert. I wasn’t a believer, but after reflecting on my school experience, after rememberingwhat it did to me, and didn’t do for me, I gave homeschooling the old college try. And I never looked back.

10 Reasons to Homeschool Your Children

I love that homeschooling keeps our family together. I love that I it doesn’t take all day. My kids are several grades ahead. I love that there is no Common Core. I love that I don’t have to fight a school board over curriculum choices. Plus, I am part of a freedom movement. I love that my kids are chasing dreams, not test scores. I love that my kids’ best friends are their brothers and sisters. Finally, I love that we can still start each school day off with a prayer.

But I’m getting ahead of myself. Here are my top 10 reasons for homeschooling:

1. Kids Should Love Learning

For me, school was synonymous with suffering. It was sit down, shut up, pay attention, take notes, do assignments, regurgitate, get report cards – an endless cycle of compulsion, forced learning. You had to learn until it hurt. You couldn’t be human. There were no days off. You couldn’t say “No, thank you.” You couldn’t say, “I would rather…”

In time, kids learn to hate learning. They cry over homework, theywait to the last minute and then cram for tests, or they cheat. Anything to lessen the “learning” load. I was one of them.

With my kids it is the opposite. I’m like, “Hey, stop reading that book and go play outside for awhile.” My kids do math worksheets for fun to see how many they can solve. And I’m not even sure if it is healthy, but they read alllllll the time.

2. Kids Need to Believe That They Have Potential

Have you heard of a gal named Barbara Corcoran? Before becoming famous as an investor on ABC’s Shark Tank, she made millions in New York selling real estate. I believe she sold her company for 66 million. Although proving to be abusiness “genius,” the multi-millionaireconfesses,“I feel like my whole life I’ve been insecure about looking not smart.”

Here is a woman whohas achieved financial success that most Americans could never dream of, yet she still harbors a deep-seated insecurity about being stupid. So, where did this idea that she was stupid come from? School, of course. Barbara was a straight D student. Somehow all the success in the real world can’t shake that terrible lesson taught in school. She is now 66, and still talking about how stupid she feels.

(Video) The Secret Power of Homeschoolers

She isn’t alone. All children are bursting with potential, only to have their wings psychologically clipped in school. And for millions of adults, thedoubts and insecurities linger long after school is just an ugly old scar.

3. School is Social Suicide

I cannot tell you how often non-homeschooling parenting ask how I “socialize” my children outside of school. I’m always like, “Ummm, well I talk to them and allow them to talk to others, which is already more than I can say for school. I mean, I don’t know what schools these people attended, but I went to 10 unique schools, in 6 different states, both public and private, and they all had this in common: Socializing was strictly forbidden.

The second you walked in class you had to zip the lips and PAY ATTENTION! because you know, “You’re not here to socialize.” For goodness sake, you couldn’t even quietly pass a note. Kids literally only have a few minutes at recess and lunch, or in between classes to talk. Maybe that’s whyconversation devolves intoslang and 4-letter words.

But I’m not complaining. I mean, don’t you remember how school kids socialize? Seriously, school is social suicide!

4. Bullying is a Big Issue in Schools

School bullies are such a big deal that even our president has spoken out about it. There is a national campaign being waged as we speak to raise awareness and tolerance in schools, but I’m not holding my breath.

School is a bully-making machine. Schools take vulnerable, immature children away from their parents prematurely, pack them into a building with little supervision, lock the doors, and then wonder why they can’t solve their bullying epidemic.

I know that the utopian ideal is that all kids can learn to get along; that by forcing kids to socialize with kids they normally wouldn’t, school will breed tolerance and understanding. That would be idealifit were possible. But it isn’t.You take a violent street thug and lock him in with a small nerdy kid, and bad things happen.

The Social Environment at School can be Dangerous

The funny thing is, we know better, don’t we? There are parts of town that we stay away from, especially after dark. There are people we don’t associate with. And as adults, we have the ability and right to protect ourselves.

School children know better too. They know what will happen to them in the locker room, on the bus, underthe bleachers, and behind the school. The difference is that school forces them into those dangerous situations. And to boot, kids aren’t allowed to defend themselves. Schools have adopted a zero tolerance policy for all violence, and that usually includes the victim fighting for his life.

I’m glad schools are taking the bully crisis seriously,unfortunately the bullies don’t take the school seriously.

5.You Like Your Kids.

Don’t we all? Sometimes I don’t know. Every school year I see youtube videos of parents celebrating their children’s return to school. I know it’s a joke… but is it really?

I’m sure that there are some parents who prefer a distant relationship with their kids, but for the rest of us, togetherness is a huge advantage of homeschooling. Five years old is just to early to “let go.” I don’t know how parents do it. And it’s never easy. A lot of moms secretly cry.

Yes, you will see them in the morning and evening, but is that really enough?

Kids used to work side by side with their parents until marriage, when they built a house just down the road. I get that the world has changed, but has our need for our children changed? And is their need for us any less?

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Most Important Aspect of Life Are Relationships

The longer children stay in school the further they will drift. The bonds youshared the first five years willbegin to dissolve, slowly at first, but by middle school and high school, you will find that your children have bonds and loyalties toa new community.

In high school, between school, sports, homework and friends, you will be lucky to share thirty minutes a day with your kid. It isn’t enough.Then they will graduate, and parents will belucky to see themonce a year.

Life is about relationships, not test scores. Even if school could provide a better education, (which it can’t) the relationships are a million times more important. What parents wouldn’t trade the “My Child is an Honor Student” bumper sticker for a few more hours a week with their kids? And whatgrown child, looking back, would trade their time with mom and dad for a higher SAT score? Forget about school; Your kids need you more.

6. Children Have a Right to Chase Their Dreams.

When I was a kid I was an amazing artist. I entered three art competitions, and won them all. At the age of 8, I was the best artist at every school I attended. I was a million light years ahead of my peers in art and it was my destiny to be a Disney illustrator.

That was all true, until a year into middle school. Then school got in the way. There were tests, homework and sports, and teachers punished me for doodling in class.

School had my future all laid outwith,Calculus, English, Biology, etc. I took a few art classes at school, but theywerethose “easy” electives that nobody took seriously. Besides the classes wrung all the creativity out of art by giving me stupid projects to do. Instead of honing my drawing techniques, I was forced to make “leaf art” and paper mache.

So, I quit. It wasn’t a conscious decision. The busy work of school simply pushed art out the picture. And whatever early “genius” I demonstrated as a child is frozen in childhood. I look back at drawings from 5th grade and wonder, “my goodness, how could I have created this?” What a waste.

Children have a right to chase their own passions and dreams; education should be wind in their sails, not an anchor of bubble sheets and boring.

7. Kids Should Be Learning Things, and Learning Things That Actually Matter.

Let me start by saying that I am not one of those low achieving students, whoisnow claiming sour grapes. I am one of those high achieving students, nowclaiming sour grapes. I worked so stinking hard. I did all my homework, I crammed for every test, I took SAT Prep courses, I did the extra credit, I took AP and honors classes, I sucked up to teachers, and all in good faith, trusting thatmy hard workwould eventually be rewarded.

But I never speak any Spanish, have yet to solve any calculus problems, and can’t remember anything from chemistry. Sure, school taught me some things, but nothing of much value, and certainly nothing I couldn’t have learned better, faster, and in my home.

I feel totally cheated and misled. Yeah kids need to read and figure, but my seven year old is reading chapter books and already doing multiplication. And everything she does has a practical application. So why did it take me so long to learn so little in school?

I mean I would love to take chemistry again, but this time tie it to gardening, or cooking, or wielding, something, anything with a practical application.

If you really want educatedchildren, build a curriculum around the things in life that really matter: Faith, Family, Fitness, and Finances. Teach them howto create, built, think, speak, work, budget, invest, plan, lead, troubleshoot, cook, garden, start a business, etc. These are the things that make up our lives.


8. Private Schools Aren’t the Answer.

Dude, school is school. I’m not saying that private schools aren’t at a slight advantage, especially if you live in big, gang-infested cities. But before you throw down big bucks in high hopes, you need to know a few things.

Nearly all private schools are accredited; meaning they are all made in the image of public school. You will find thesame schedules, same testing, same certified teachers, same class structures, same curriculum, same sports, same dances, and generally the same rules.What will you get for you money? Probably, smaller class sizes, a better standardized test score, and a warm fuzzy feeling that your kids are better off.

Yes, but maybe it’s the Christian influence that you are after. That would be nice, but there really isn’t one. Look, I attended three private Christian schools in three different states. The Christian impact was minimal. Mosthad a 30 minute chapel once a week (that studentstalked or slept through), and then it was back to our secular education.

Just look it up. Kids graduating from Christian schools are just as likely to leave the faith as those graduating from public schools.

9.Satan Wants Your Kids in School.

When we think of education, school has us envisioning the subjects they teach.But what is most import?

For me, it is faith. If I had to choose between raising kids who couldn’t count to ten or read a single word, but loved the Lord with all their heart,I’d choose children who honored God. I think most Christians would, but few understand that their decision about school will make all the difference in the world.

In 2002, the Southern Baptist Council on Family Life noticed a disturbing trend of kids being raised in the Church, turing 18, and then walking away from their faith. So they conducted a survey of parents, and what they discovered was far worse than they could have ever imagined: 88% of the young people in the Church were walking away from their faith after graduating high school!

Other churches and organizations conducted similar studies and though none proved as bad as 88%, I think the lowest was 70%. Some of these kids will eventually return to their faith, but the majority won’t.

Homeschooling Helps Strengthen Their Faith

Now, when it comes to our kids and their faith, there are never any guarantees, but homeschooling is your best bet. When the same survey was conducted in Christian homeschool families, only 6% of graduates turned away from the church. That is a 94% success rate for homeschoolers and a 70-88% failure rate forgovernment schoolers.

Taking a chance with public school is like playing Russian Roulette with your kids eternal souls. I know that is going to offend some people;the truth always does.

10. Yeah, There’s That Conspiracy Thing too.

I hate to even go there, because 99% of Americans are programmed to reject anything that sounds like a conspiracy, anything that would suggest that our benevolent leaders don’t always have our best interests in mind. But that is exactly what school is: the single greatest conspiracy in history!

Most Americans think that school was created to educate the population. We actually believe that our leaders wanted an educated citizenry to hold them accountable. We can only believe this because we are such an utterly schooled society.

The True History of American Schooling

The fact is, Americagave birth to government schooling on the heels of the industrial revolution. The large factories were looking for cheap labor and their solution was school.

School serves as daycare so that both parents can work. With both parents working, the industrialists had doubled the supply of labor. This createdexcess labor for corporate America,and a scarcity of jobs for workers. That of course drove wages into the dirt. So, where women once entered the workforce in the promise of getting ahead financially, they now work just to keep their families financial heads above water.

(Video) This is high school...OUR WAY! (curriculum, transcripts, schedule, etc.)

Our industrial society runs on ignorance, and it’s the school’s job to keep us that way. The next time you drive to the grocery store, look at the businesses, gas stations, restaurants, car washes, movie theaters, etc. Most of the businesses aren’t looking to hire Einstein’s.They need simple people, who are content doing simple jobs for simple wages. Bystunting children’s education, schoolsguarantee American industry amassive pool of low-skilled labor.

There is proof of thisconspiracy and many others in my book.

You’re NOT Convinced You Want to Homeschool

There is so much more to say.This is only the tip of the iceberg, and the PG tip at that.I never expected that this post would undo centuries of relentless pro-school propaganda. But hopefully it has got you questioning our sacred schools. If youneed to know more, the entire truth about America’s schoolsis inmynew book: REVEALING school.

People have claimed that schools dumb kids down, andREVEALING school is the book that shows you howit’s being done. Part 3 of REVEALING schooluncoversthings about education that have never before been talked about. Part 3 is groundbreaking. It will shock you and yet, you will wonder why you never saw it before; the conspiracy of school was hidden in plain sight.

You can get a paper copy of REVEALING SCHOOL on Amazon, or save by gettingthe digital copy through Blue Manor.

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