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  • All
  • Academic Achievement/ACT/SAT Prep
  • ACT Prep Teacher
  • Administrative Assistant I
  • Administrative Assistant II
  • Administrative Assistant III
  • Administrator - District Athletics/PE
  • Administrator of PT/OT
  • Administrator of Risk Management
  • Administrator of Speech Pathology
  • Administrator Student Information Tec
  • Advanced Academics Coordinator
  • American Sign Language Interpreter
  • Analyst - Accounts Payable
  • Analyst - Budget/Federal Programs
  • Analyst - Fin Accounting & Reporting
  • Analyst - Treasury
  • Analyst Senior - Payroll
  • Analyst Senior - Treasury
  • Area Resource Coordinator
  • ARP Student Data Paraprofessional
  • Assistant Athletics Director
  • Assistant Director Online Learning
  • Assistant I Financial
  • Assistant Superintendent Elem Schools
  • Assistant Superintendent HR
  • Assistant Superintendent of Academics
  • Assistant Superintendent Second Schools
  • Associate Director of Athletics
  • Associate Director of Security
  • Associate General Counsel
  • Athletic Adjunct Instructor
  • Athletic Ground Supervisor
  • Attendance Advocacy Coordinator
  • Attendance Advocate
  • Attendance Advocate/Truancy Officer
  • Attendance Clerk
  • Attendnace Truancy Specialist
  • Autistic Paraprofessional
  • Autistic Teacher
  • AVID Teacher
  • Behavior Specialist
  • Behavioral Interventionist Specialist
  • Benefits Generalist
  • Bilingual Pipeline Paraprofessional
  • Bilingual Testing Specialist
  • Braille Paraprofessional
  • Bridges Transition Social Worker
  • Budget Specialist III - Gear Up
  • Building Maintenance Technician
  • Bullying Prevention Coordinator
  • Bus Assistant
  • Bus Driver
  • Bus Driver in Training
  • Business Partner
  • Business Teacher
  • Cafeteria Supervisor
  • Cafeteria Supevisor
  • Campus Security Officer
  • Campus Security Supervisor
  • Career Connections Coordinator
  • CARES Bilingual Client Services Tech
  • Carpenter
  • Carpet Cleaner
  • CDL/DOT Examiner
  • Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA)
  • Certified Occupational Therapy Assistant
  • Chief Finance Officer
  • Chief Operating & Capital Proj Officer
  • Chief Technology Officer
  • Child Development Lead
  • Child Development Team Leader
  • Child Development Technician
  • Child Development Technician I
  • Child Development Technician II
  • Child Find Service Facilitator
  • Client Services Admin/EES Bldg Tech
  • Client Services Technician
  • CMMS Administrator
  • Communications Coordinator
  • Communications Specialist
  • Community Relations Coordinator
  • Community Relations Manager
  • Community Relations Specialist
  • Computer Teacher
  • Construction Trades Supervisor
  • Controller
  • Coordinator - Foster Care Education
  • Coordinator Custodial/Quality Control
  • Coordinator ELL Compliance
  • Coordinator I - Security Investigator
  • Coordinator Instructional Materials
  • Coordinator of 504
  • Coordinator Teen Parent Program
  • Creative Services Specialist
  • Credit Recovery Teacher
  • CTE Agriculture Teacher
  • CTE BITE Video Production Teacher
  • CTE Business
  • CTE Business Education Teacher
  • CTE Business Info Technology Teacher
  • CTE Business Information Technology
  • CTE Business Teacher
  • CTE Business/Video Broadcasting Teacher
  • CTE Culinary Arts Teacher
  • CTE Family and Consumer Sciences Teacher
  • CTE Family Consumer Science Teacher
  • CTE Health Career/Science Teacher
  • CTE Health Careers Teacher
  • CTE STEM Construction Trades Teacher
  • CTE STEM Digital Design Teacher
  • CTE STEM Engineering Teacher
  • CTE STEM Health/Science Teacher
  • CTE STEM Mechanical Trades Teacher
  • CTE STEM Teacher
  • CTE STEM Technology Education Teacher
  • CTE Technology Coordinator
  • CTE Technology Education Teacher
  • CTE Technology Resource Coordinator
  • Dance/Drama Teacher
  • Data Compliance Officer
  • Default position
  • Deputy Superintendent
  • Desktop Client Services
  • Develop Delayed Paraprofessional
  • Digital Communications Coordinator
  • Director Custodial/Grounds/Warehouse
  • Director Early Childhood
  • Director Federal Programs-Title Prog
  • Director Health Services
  • Director Mental Health
  • Director Native American Services
  • Director of Accounts Payable
  • Director of Athletics
  • Director of Benefits
  • Director of Board Services
  • Director of Budget
  • Director of Capital Projects
  • Director of Child Nutrition Services
  • Director of Client Services
  • Director of Curriculum
  • Director of Education Technology Service
  • Director of Employee Relations
  • Director of Enterprise Services
  • Director of Exceptional Evaluation
  • Director of Facility Planning
  • Director of Family Engagement
  • Director of Fin Accounting & Reporting
  • Director of Fine Arts
  • Director of HVAC
  • Director of Innovation & Implementation
  • Director of Language & Cultural Services
  • Director of Library/Media
  • Director of Maintenance
  • Director of Network Services
  • Director of Online Learning
  • Director of Payroll
  • Director of Purchasing
  • Director of Revenue/Treasurer
  • Director of Safety
  • Director of School Accounting
  • Director of School Counseling
  • Director of Security
  • Director of Specially Designed Instructi
  • Director of Staffing
  • Director of Strategic Partnerships
  • Director of Student Services
  • Director of Tiered Supports
  • Director of Transportation
  • Director Risk Management
  • District Athletic Trainer
  • District Athletics Specialist
  • District Courier
  • District Courier Supervisor
  • District Security Officer - Nights
  • District Security Officer-Nights
  • District Sports Information Coordinator
  • District Test Coordinator
  • Dual Language Early Childhood Teacher
  • e3 Business/Computer Teacher
  • e3 Early Childhood Teacher
  • e3 Elementary Education Teacher
  • e3 HS Foreign LanguageTeacher
  • e3 HS Language Arts Teacher
  • e3 HS Math Teacher
  • e3 HS PE/Health Teacher
  • e3 HS Science Teacher
  • e3 HS Social Studies Teacher
  • e3 HS Special Education Teacher
  • e3 Math Teacher
  • e3 MS Language Arts Teacher
  • e3 MS Science Teacher
  • e3 Pre-K Teacher
  • Early Childhood
  • Early Childhood Coordinator
  • Early Childhood Family Engagement Fac
  • Early Childhood Teacher
  • ED Paraprofessional
  • ED Teacher
  • Education Teacher
  • EES Transitional Coordinator
  • EHS Child Care Paraprofessional
  • ELA Enhancement Teacher
  • Electrician - Apprentice
  • Electrician - Foreman
  • Electrician - Journeyman
  • Elementary Administrative Intern
  • Elementary Assistant Principal
  • Elementary Clerk
  • Elementary Counselor
  • Elementary Education Teacher
  • Elementary English Language Arts Coord
  • Elementary Mathematics Coordinator
  • Elementary Principal
  • Elementary Science Coordinator
  • Elementary Teacher
  • ELL Instructional Facilitator
  • ELL/Bilingual Paraprofessional
  • ELL/Bilingual Specialist
  • ELL/Bilingual Teacher
  • Embrace Coordinator
  • English Teacher
  • English Teacher - IB Teacher
  • English/FA - Drama Teacher
  • Enterprise Mobility Administrator
  • Equity Initiative Coordinator
  • Equity Leadership Intern
  • ES Principal's Secretary
  • Exceptional Student IEP Compliance Speci
  • Exec Assistant-Asst Sup HR
  • Exec Director of Equity
  • Executive Assistant
  • Executive Assistant - Superintendent
  • Executive Director of Academics
  • Executive Director of Communications
  • Executive Director of Educational Techno
  • Executive Director of Exceptional Servic
  • Executive Director of Federal Programs
  • Executive Director of Human Resources
  • Executive Director of Information Tech
  • Executive Director of Operation Services
  • Executive Director of Student Supports
  • Executive Secretary
  • Executive Secretary III
  • Exterminator
  • FA - Advanced Piano Teacher
  • FA - Art Teacher
  • FA - Band Teacher
  • FA - Band/Choir Teacher
  • FA - Band/Strings Teacher
  • FA - Dance Teacher
  • FA - Drama - IB Teacher
  • FA - Drama Teacher
  • FA - Drama/Debate/Speech Teacher
  • FA - General Music Teacher
  • FA - General Music/PE Teacher
  • FA - Guitar Teacher
  • FA - Piano Teacher
  • FA - Strings Teacher
  • FA - Visual Art Teacher
  • FA - Vocal Music Teacher
  • FA - Vocal Music/Band Teacher
  • Facilitator I Customer Service
  • Facilitator III - Accounting
  • Facilitator III - Accounting Admin Asst
  • Family & Community Advocate
  • Federal Programs Budget Specialist
  • Federal Programs Financial Specialist
  • Federal School Support Coordinator
  • Financial Secretary
  • Fine Arts Coordinator
  • Fine Arts Teacher
  • Fleet Manager
  • Food Truck Kitchen Specialist
  • Food Truck Supervisor
  • Foreign Language - IB German Teacher
  • Foreign Language Teacher
  • French - IB Teacher
  • French Teacher
  • Gear Up Co-Director
  • Gear Up College Coach
  • General Counsel
  • General Maintenance Technician
  • German Teacher - IB Teacher
  • Gifted and Talented Teacher
  • Grounds/Mechanic
  • Groundskeeper
  • Groundskeeper - Lead
  • Groundskeeper - Team Lead
  • Guitar Teacher
  • Health Teacher
  • Health/PE Teacher
  • Hearing Impaired Paraprofessional
  • Hearing Impaired Teacher
  • Heavy Equipment
  • High School Assistant Principal
  • High School Principal
  • History Teacher
  • Homeless Education Administrator
  • Homeless Education Specialist
  • Homeless Outreach Specialist DNF
  • HR Administrator Business Partner
  • HR Benefits Leave Specialist
  • HR Lead Solutions Specialist
  • HR Specialist-SNS
  • HRIS Specialist
  • HS Principal's Secretary
  • HS Registrar
  • Human Resource Specialist
  • Human Resources Temp
  • HVAC-Apprentice
  • HVAC-Bldg Auotmation Controls Technician
  • HVAC-Foreman
  • HVAC-Journeyman
  • ID Paraprofessional
  • ID Teacher
  • ID Teacher - Low
  • ID/ED Teacher
  • ID/LD Teacher
  • ID/LD/ED Teacher
  • ID/MD Paraprofessional
  • Incident Management & Prevention Coordin
  • Information Analyst
  • Instructional Coach
  • Instructional Leadership Dir -Elementary
  • Instructional Leadership Dir -Secondary
  • Instructional Svcs Behavior Specialist
  • Instructional Technology Trainer
  • Intervention Teacher
  • Inventory Clerk
  • ISI Teacher
  • ISI/Spanish Teacher
  • JROTC Instructor
  • JROTC Paraprofessional
  • Kitchen Assistant
  • Kitchen Assistant - Food Truck
  • Kitchen Assistant - Traveling
  • Kitchen Specialist
  • Language Arts Teacher
  • Language Arts/Reading Fusion Teacher
  • LD Teacher
  • LD/ED Teacher
  • Lead Low Voltage Technician
  • Lead Mechanic
  • Lead Network Engineer
  • Lead Network Telecom Technician
  • Leadershio Teacher
  • Leadership Teacher
  • Legal Assistant
  • Library Clerk
  • Licensed Practical Nurse
  • Licensed Practical Nurse - SPED
  • Literacy Dev and Intervention Coord
  • Locksmith
  • Lot Driver
  • Lot Maintenance
  • Low Voltage Technician
  • Maintenance Administrator
  • Manager Accounts Payable
  • Manager Budget
  • Manager Cerfication & Staffing
  • Manager Emergency Mgmt & Safety
  • Manager Energy Conservation
  • Manager FAR
  • Manager Grant Writing
  • Manager of Benefits
  • Manager of Building Automation System
  • Manager of Media Relations
  • Manager Operations - Electrical
  • Manager Operations - Plumbing
  • Manager Operations - TMS
  • Manager Operations HVAC
  • Manager Payroll
  • Manager Purchasing
  • Manager Roofing
  • Manager Student Nutrition Services
  • Manager Treasury
  • Manifestation Determination Review Spec
  • Marketing Strategist
  • Math - IB Teacher
  • Math Enhancement Teacher
  • Math Teacher
  • Math/Science Teacher
  • MD Paraprofessional
  • MD Teacher
  • Mechanic
  • Mechanic Foreman
  • Media Center Assistant
  • Media Specialist
  • Medical Assistant Employee Health
  • Mental Health Coordinator
  • Middle School Assistant Principal
  • Middle School Principal
  • Middle School Principal's Secretary
  • MIECHV Parent Educator
  • Mild-Mod Special Education Teacher
  • MS Financial Secretary
  • MS Principal's Secretary
  • MS Registrar
  • Native American Advisor
  • Network Engineer
  • Network Engineer - VoIP
  • Network Telecom Technician
  • Newcomer Graduation Specialist
  • Non Certified Adjunct Teacher - Film
  • Non-CDL Driver
  • Nurse
  • Nutrition Specialist
  • Occup Health Nurse Practitioner
  • Occupational Therapist
  • Occupational Therapist Assistant
  • Occupational Therapist Assistant - Cert
  • OJT - Student
  • Online Learning Adm Assistant III
  • Online Learning Program Coordinator
  • Online Learning Secondary Counselor
  • Operations Administrative Coordinator
  • Painter
  • Parent As Teachers Educator
  • Parent Liaison
  • Parts Coordinator
  • PAT Supervisor/Lead Facilitator
  • PAT Temporary Data Clerk
  • PE & Wellness Coordinator
  • PE Teacher
  • PE/Coach Teacher
  • PE/Spanish Teacher
  • Physical Therapist
  • Plumber - Apprentice
  • Plumber - Foreman
  • Plumber - Journeyman
  • PRE Data Analyst
  • Pre-K Paraprofessional
  • Pre-K Teacher
  • Professional Development Coordinator
  • Program Evaluator
  • Programmer Analyst
  • Project Coordinator
  • Psychological Services Supervisor
  • Psychologist
  • Psychologist DNF
  • Psychologist II
  • Psychology Teacher
  • Reading Interventionist
  • Receptionist - Bilingual
  • Registration Specialist
  • Regular Education Teacher
  • Remedial Specialist
  • Remedial Specialist - ELA
  • Remedial Specialist - Language Arts
  • Remedial Specialist - Math
  • Remedial Specialist - Reading
  • Research Assistant
  • Research Associate
  • Risk Management Coordinator
  • Roofing Supervisor
  • Route Supervisor
  • Safety & Hazardous Materials Admin
  • School Climate Specialist
  • School Climate Specialist - Senior
  • School Psychologist Behavior Specialist
  • School Security Officer
  • Science - IB Teacher
  • Science Teacher
  • Secondary Administrative Intern
  • Secondary Clerk
  • Secondary Counselor
  • Secondary English Language Arts Coord
  • Secondary Mathematics Coordinator
  • Secondary Science Coordinator
  • Secondary Social Studies Coordinator
  • Secondary Teacher Intern 196 day
  • Security Specialist
  • Security Specialist DNF
  • Shelter - Elementary Education Teacher
  • Shelter - Language Arts Teacher
  • Shelter - Math Teacher
  • Shelter - Science Teacher
  • Shelter - Social Studies Teacher
  • Site Athletic Trainer
  • Site Substitute Teacher
  • Skills Trainer Paraprofessional
  • SNS Campus Security Officer
  • SNS Compliance & Training Coordinator
  • SNS HVAC Apprentice
  • SNS HVAC Journeyman
  • SNS Manager - Nutrition
  • SNS Operations Coordinator
  • SNS Systems Technician
  • SNS Warehouse Specialist
  • Social Studies - IB Teacher
  • Social Studies Teacher
  • Social Studies/Science Teacher
  • Social Worker
  • Software Release Engineer
  • Spanish Teacher
  • Spanish Teacher - IB Teacher
  • Special Education PreSchool Teacher
  • Special Education Teacher
  • Special Education Transition Teacher
  • Special Services Coordinator
  • Specialist - SNS
  • Specialist III - Accounts Payable
  • Specialist III - Budget
  • Specialist III - Budget/Title I & II
  • Specialist III - Buyer
  • Specialist III - Compensation
  • Specialist III - Cultural Programs
  • Specialist III - Energy Management
  • Specialist III - Garnishment
  • Specialist III - Payroll
  • Specialist III - SNS
  • Specialist III - Treasury
  • Specialist IV - Operations
  • SPED Bus Assistant
  • SPED HI Services Coordinator
  • SPED Paraprofessional
  • SPED Paraprofessional DNF
  • SPED PreK Paraprofessional
  • SPED Skills Trainer Paraprofessional
  • SPED Transition Teacher
  • Speech Pathologist
  • Stadium Foreman
  • Staff Attorney
  • STEM & Science Safety Coordinator
  • STEM Teacher
  • Student & Family Resource Specialist
  • Student Assistance Specialist
  • Student Assistance Specialist II
  • Student Technologies Specialist
  • Superintendent
  • Systems Engineer - Storage and Servers
  • Teacher Intern
  • Teacher Intern - 196 day
  • Teacher Intern (181)
  • Teaching Paraprofessional
  • Technician II - Data Reporting
  • Technician III - Statistical & Operation
  • Temporary - Bus Driver
  • Temporary Psychologist
  • Temporary Speech Pathologist
  • Temporary Tutor
  • Temporary-Hourly School Psychologist
  • Tool Store Specialist
  • Traveling Kitchen Assistant
  • Visual Impaired Teacher
  • Visual&Hearing Impaired Paraprofessional
  • Warehouse Delivery Driver
  • Warehouse Manager
  • WaterTreatment/Filter Technician
  • Work Order Technician - Lead
  • All
  • Adams ES
  • Adelaide Lee ES
  • Arthur ES
  • Belle Isle Enterprise 5th & 6th Grade Ct
  • Belle Isle Enterprise 7th & 8th Grade Ct
  • Bodine ES
  • Britton ES
  • Buchanan ES
  • Capitol Hill HS
  • Capitol Hill MS
  • CARE - Alternative Education
  • Central Office/Service Center
  • Cesar Chavez ES
  • Classen SAS High School at Northeast
  • Classen School of Advanced Studies MS
  • Cleveland ES
  • Coolidge ES
  • County Detention
  • Douglass HS
  • Emerson North HS Alternative Ed
  • Emerson South Alternative HS
  • Emerson South Alternative MS
  • Esperanza ES
  • Eugene Field ES
  • Extended Educational Services
  • FD Moon MS
  • Fillmore ES
  • Gatewood Pre-K Center
  • Hawthorne ES
  • Hayes ES
  • Heronville ES
  • Hillcrest ES
  • Horace Mann Pre-K Center
  • Human Restoration
  • Innovations Virtual Institute
  • Integris Hospital
  • Jefferson MS
  • jlherzer@okcps.org
  • John Marshall HS
  • John Marshall MS
  • Johnson Pre-K Center
  • Juvenile Detention Center
  • Kaiser ES
  • kmcdaniel@okcps.org
  • M.L. King Jr. ES
  • Mark Twain ES
  • Mary Golda Ross MS
  • Monroe ES
  • Nichols Hills Enterprise ES
  • Northwest Classen HS
  • Options
  • Positive Changes
  • Positive Outcomes
  • Prairie Queen ES
  • Putnam Heights Academy HS
  • Putnam Heights Academy MS
  • Quail Creek ES
  • Ridgeview ES
  • Rockwood ES
  • Rogers MS
  • Roosevelt MS
  • Secu
  • Shidler ES
  • Southeast HS
  • Southeast MS
  • Southern Hills ES
  • Speck Homes Inc.
  • Spencer ES
  • St Anthony Day Treat
  • St Anthony Hospital
  • Star Spencer HS
  • Star Spencer MS
  • Taft 5th Grade Center
  • Taft MS
  • Thelma R. Parks ES
  • U.S. Grant HS
  • Van Buren ES
  • Webster MS
  • Wheeler MS
  • Willow Brook ES
  • Wilson ES


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How do I contact Hart District council? ›

If you need to contact us and you cannot wait until the next working day, you can call our out of hours number on 01252 774477.

How do I contact Dover District council? ›

How to Contact Us
  1. Online: You can get in touch with us 24 hours a day, 7 days a week at housing@dover.gov.uk. Send us an email and one of the team will get back to you as soon as possible.
  2. Coming soon! ...
  3. By telephone: Call us on 01304 801084 about Housing Management enquires only.

How do I contact the Norfolk council? ›

Contact Norfolk County Council
  1. Online. Use our online form to help us handle your enquiry as quickly as possible. Contact us.
  2. Telephone. Main number - 0344 800 8020. Text Relay 18001 0344 800 8020. ...
  3. Post. You can write to us at: Norfolk County Council. ...
  4. Other ways to contact us. Twitter. Facebook.

How do I contact the Horsham District council? ›

If you have an urgent enquiry please phone our customer services team on 01403 215100.

Who runs Hart Council? ›

The two joint Chief Executives, Daryl Phillips and Patricia Hughes, are supported by Heads of Service and Service Managers. You can access names and email addresses of these here, as well as our organisational chart.

What areas does Hart council cover? ›

  • Blackwater & Hawley.
  • Crookham Village.
  • Elvetham Heath.
  • Hartley Wintney.

What is DDC general? ›

The Dewey Decimal Classification (DDC) system is a general knowledge organization tool that is continuously revised to keep pace with knowledge. The system was conceived by Melvil Dewey in 1873 and first published in 1876. The DDC is published by OCLC Online Computer Library Center, Inc.

How do I contact the Thanet District Council? ›

Thanet District Council: Main switchboard 01843 577000.

What is the email address for Norfolk County Council? ›

Please call us on 01603 223392 or email DPCST@norfolk.gov.uk.

How do I contact Norwich council? ›

Contact us
  1. email:
  2. telephone: 0344 980 3333.

Who is my county Councillor Norfolk? ›

The Leader of the Council is Cllr Andrew Proctor (Conservative). He was appointed by full council after the election in May 2021.

Is Horsham a nice place to live? ›

Horsham is a great place to live. There are a lot of shops that offer everything that you need, and there are restaurants, pubs and more. The countryside has green spaces and scenic views.

What is it like living in Horsham? ›

One of the best things about living in Horsham it's away from the hustle and bustle and the city, yet you can easily reach it when you want to. Horsham is under 30 minutes by car to Crawley and Gatwick, making it easy to commute to work or to use a base from which to travel.

What council is Horsham under? ›

County Council office - West Sussex County Council.

Is Hart Council conservative? ›

The Council has 33 seats, made up of 12 Conservatives, 10 Community Campaign Hart (CCH), 10 Liberal Democrats and 1 independent.

What county is Hart Council in? ›


What Council does fleet come under? ›


Exciting plans to transform play areas and exercise spaces in Fleet and Riseley have taken a major... Councillors make planet pledges for Great Big Green Week Hart District councillors and staff are...

Is Hart a county? ›

Hart is a village and civil parish in County Durham, England, north-west of Hartlepool.
Hart, County Durham.
OS grid referenceNZ4717634987
Unitary authorityHartlepool
Ceremonial countyCounty Durham
RegionNorth East
14 more rows

Which council covers Yateley? ›

Yateley | Hart District Council.

What council is Farnborough? ›

Farnborough | Hampshire County Council.

Where is DDC used? ›

Dewey Decimal Classification, DDC for short, is a system for organising knowledge. In principle, it can be used to classify knowledge in any form, be it text, music, images or other knowledge resources, printed or digital. Subjects are subdivided by means of classes.

What is a DDC schedule? ›

The Dewey Decimal Classification (DDC) is structured around ten main classes covering the entire world of knowledge; each main class is further structured into ten hierarchical divisions, each having ten divisions of increasing specificity.

How is DDC arranged? ›

At the broadest level, the DDC is divided into ten main classes, which together cover the entire world of knowledge. Each main class is further divided into ten divisions, and each division into ten sections (not all the numbers for the divisions and sections have been used).

How do I contact Kent County Council? ›

call: 03000 41 04 10. write to: Customer Care and Complaints Team, 3rd floor Invicta House, County Road, Maidstone ME14 1XX. text relay: 18001 03000 41 04 10.

How do I complain to the Thanet District Council? ›

You can submit a complaint via email to customer.feedback@thanet.gov.uk in writing to Customer Feedback, Thanet District Council, PO Box 9, Cecil Street, Margate, Kent, CT9 1XZ or contact us by telephone:- (01843) 577000.

What county is Thanet? ›

Thanet, district, administrative and historic county of Kent, southeastern England, in the extreme northeast of the county. It roughly coincides with the historic Isle of Thanet, but the modern administrative district extends south of the Great Stour river almost to Sandwich. Margate is its administrative centre.

How much is council tax band A in Norfolk? ›


Is Norfolk a county? ›

Norfolk (/ˈnɔːrfək/) is a ceremonial and non-metropolitan county in East Anglia in England. It borders Lincolnshire to the north-west, Cambridgeshire to the west and south-west, and Suffolk to the south. Its northern and eastern boundaries are the North Sea, with The Wash to the north-west.

How do I contact Kings Lynn Council? ›

If you're not sure who to contact, get in touch with our customer services team on 01553 616200. They will point you in the right direction. Alternatively, you could contact your ward councillor.

How do you address a councillor? ›

Dear Councillor [surname], I am writing to you as the [job title] of [organisation], an arts business in your [district/county].

What qualifications do you need to be a local councillor? ›

You can become a councillor as long as you are:

Registered to vote in the area or have lived, worked or owned property there for at least 12 months before an election.

How many councillors are there in Norfolk? ›

Norfolk County Council has 83 elected members and one vacant division, each representing an electoral division of up to 10,000 voters.

Is it expensive to live in Horsham? ›

Horsham's housing expenses are 77% higher than the national average and the utility prices are 10% higher than the national average. Transportation expenses like bus fares and gas prices are 13% higher than the national average. Horsham has grocery prices that are 17% higher than the national average.

What is Horsham famous for? ›

Horsham holds the UK record for the heaviest hailstone ever to fall. On 5 September 1958, a hailstone weighing 140g (4.9 oz) landed in the town. It was similar in size to a tennis ball and impact speeds have been calculated to be 100 m/s (224 mph).

Is Horsham affluent? ›

People in Horsham and Mid Sussex are happier, healthier and more affluent than ever - and that's official. Horsham has been regularly named among the top places to live in Britain - but now it has shot up the rankings even higher and has been placed at no 15 in the top 20 areas of the country.

Is Crawley a nice place to live? ›

Originally a market town, Crawley is located in West Sussex, and is the ideal place to move to if you're looking for the perfect balance between countryside and city living.

What is Roffey like to live in? ›

Roffey is the 'roughest' area in a very nice, low crime, affluent town. There's a bit of social housing in Roffey, a parade of shops with an occasionally rough pub. I would happily walk around there by myself late at night. But I don't know Innes Road specifically....

What's the population of Horsham? ›

Over the next 20 years Horsham is expected to experience notable population growth, setting it apart from other municipalities in the Wimmera.
Regional City of Horsham.
Local Government Area (LGA)Rural City of Horsham
LGA Population, 202020,000
Estimated Population, 203620,600
Population Growth between 2015-20200.2% per annum
3 more rows
24 Aug 2021

What is the population of Crawley? ›


What towns are near Horsham? ›

Explore the local area and discover the character of this part of West Sussex within these towns and villages near Horsham.
  • Slaugham (5 miles)
  • Handcross (5 miles)
  • Warninglid (5 miles)
  • Staplefield (6 miles)
  • Crawley (6 miles)
  • Bolney (7 miles)
  • Albourne (7 miles)

How do I contact Kings Lynn Council? ›

If you're not sure who to contact, get in touch with our customer services team on 01553 616200. They will point you in the right direction. Alternatively, you could contact your ward councillor.

How much is council tax band A in Norfolk? ›


What council is Hunstanton? ›

Hunstanton | Borough Council of King's Lynn & West Norfolk.

What council does North Walsham come under? ›

North Norfolk is home to 11 electoral divisions from Wells-next-the-Sea in the west, through Fakenham, Holt, Sheringham and Cromer to North Walsham and Mundesley in the east. You can find your electoral division and existing County Councillor on our interactive map.

Which council is Kings Lynn in? ›

Borough Council of King's Lynn & West Norfolk.

What county is Kings Lynn in? ›

King's Lynn, town and seaport, King's Lynn and West Norfolk borough, administrative and historic county of Norfolk, eastern England. The town lies along the estuary of the River Ouse (or Great Ouse) as it enters The Wash, a shallow North Sea inlet.

What council is Great Yarmouth? ›

Great Yarmouth Borough Council | Norfolk Community Directory.

What is council tax based on? ›

Council Tax valuations are based on the value of properties that aren't used for business purposes. The value is based on the price the property would have sold for on the open market on 1 April 1991 in England and 1 April 2003 in Wales.

How often do you pay council tax? ›

Council tax bills should be sent out in April. You're usually asked to pay in 10 instalments. You have the right to ask to pay in 12 instalments instead. Local councils might accept weekly or fortnightly payments.

How much is South Norfolk Council Tax A? ›

The average (mean) Council Tax value in South Norfolk is £1,881.55.
Council Tax Bands.
Band A£1,3307,145
Band B£1,55118,410
Band C£1,77317,264
Band D£1,99412,369
4 more rows

What is it like to live in Kings Lynn? ›

A CELEBRATED maritime heritage, beautiful beaches a stone's throw away, great family amenities and a bustling town centre, it is no wonder King's Lynn is such a great place to live.

Which council is Downham Market? ›

Downham Market | Borough Council of King's Lynn & West Norfolk.

Does Kings Lynn have a beach? ›

Brancaster Beach - Beach in Norfolk, King's Lynn - North Norfolk.

What areas does Broadland cover? ›

Broadland contains 13 electoral divisions, covering the market towns of Acle, Aylsham, Blofield, Reepham and Wroxham as well as communities on the outskirts of Norwich including Hellesdon, Old Catton, Sprowston and Taverham.

How big is North Norfolk? ›

What is classed as North Norfolk? ›

North Norfolk, district, administrative and historic county of Norfolk, eastern England. It borders the North Sea for about 55 miles (89 km) on the north and northeast. Inland North Norfolk contains fertile agricultural areas around the market centres of Fakenham in the northwest and North Walsham in the northeast.


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